Validating integer with regularexpressionvalidator

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For example, suppose you ask a user for a credit card number.What happens if he enters non-valid input, such as ? Obviously, this will cause some problems in your application, especially when he tries to place an order. NET, these types of validation are easy to perform.In either case, getting data that you weren't expecting is a very common situation.For example, imagine that you've created an e-commerce site that takes orders for office supplies.If the data does not pass validation, it will display an error message to the user. Let start with the introduction of types of validation controls and then we move on the sample application. NET then you know very well how to create a website.

When the input has been validated beforehand, you know that your add operation will succeed.Input validation is a must when you allow users to enter information manually into your ASP. Most users will do their best to comply and enter the information you ask for in the proper format, but sometimes they make mistakes.Other users may like to try breaking applications by entering invalid information.Eventually, you'll need to take personal information from the user, such as her name, e-mail, billing address, and so on.You must ensure that this information is accurate, or the order won't be processed correctly.

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