Updating sony blue ray firmware

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The result of all of this is that sometimes the only way to know what format is best for the HDMI connection is simply to try them all and see.A Rant I hope people understand that Deep Color does not mean "deeper color" and that it is of (nearly? This page is not approved or sponsored by OPPO Digital or AVSForum or anyone else. Help improve this FAQ: send me your corrections and comments.

I presume they work on burnable Blu-ray media also, but haven't tested it. The Wizard runs the first time the player is turned on.For example, any time color up-sampling, color space conversion, brightness and contrast adjustment, and other video processing is applied to the 8-bit/channel signal, the result can have fractions.In an 8-bit system the fractions are truncated, but in the Deep Color mode the fractions are preserved so the data delivered to the display is more accurate.Obviously, your display must be capable of receiving a 50hz signal if you want to use one of those options.Frame rate conversion is handled by the ABT chip when Primary Output is set to HDMI, or by the decoder chip when Primary Output is set to Component.

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