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However, a focus peaking display is available in live view mode and the areas of highest contrast can be highlighted in red, blue, green or white.

Leica’s M series of rangefinder cameras are legendary, dating back to 1954 with the M3.

It displays the M10’s live view image along with the magnified view and focus peaking if those options are selected.

For first time in a Leica M camera there’s a Wi-Fi module and the M10 is compatible with Leica’s free M- App to enable remote control and image transfer to a smartphone.

Leica has achieved this size reduction by eliminating much of the space within the camera body and condensing the electrical layers down to just one by a combination of miniaturisation and spreading out the main board.

The company has also given the M10 a new battery which is slightly flatter than the Typ 240’s.

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