Relationship checklist for dating

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(Ideally you want to achieve this goal in the first few weeks.) Be proactive when checking for compatibility; use a screening tool to expedite the process. Assess the likelihood of your lifestyles coexisting long-term.

" you've let your non-negotiables in a relationship go.

For one thing, you are decreasing your chances of finding a relationship if your list it too long and specific; and another, you are taking all the romance and spontaneity out of the process of truly connecting with someone you have not met yet!

I once heard a guy say that he could not describe his perfect woman before he met her, just as he can't describe a beautiful painting before he has seen it.

Depending on your perspective, this guy is either wonderfully romantic or terribly cheesy..he has a point!

What's on your must have/can't stand checklist?

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