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James Frezzolini was famous in the USA for adapting and upgrading Auricon 16mm newsfilm cameras.With distribution by F&B/CECO Inc (Florman & Babb/Cine Equipment Co) these adapted Auricon 16mm sound-on-film (SOF) cameras were known as Crop Tops.The Bell & Howell EYEMO range of 35mm cameras included a turret version called a 'Spyder'.The version pictured is from the early 1940s and has 1-inch, 2-inch & 3-inch Cooke lenses plus a matching optical viewfinder using a simple but effective system of masks and flip-over optics within the viewfinder tunnel. The basic camera takes 100ft of spool-loaded film, with an additional 400ft magazine and 12v motor attachment.The camera type was used extensively in WW2 for war footage and for newsreel work around the globe. Manufactured by Better Sound of London, this dedicated sound blimp was used for Arriflex 16mm film cameras.

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Anyone who can read this and not hate me/think I'm bonkers could probably stand me. I update various parts from time to time when I get around to it, but you can pretty safely assume that something is out of date. The matte box (see larger image) is removed when using telephoto or zoom lenses The Bell & Howell 70DL was a high quality, lightweight but very rugged 16mm clockwork silent camera with a three lens turret and corresponding lensed viewfinder. With the facility of through-the-lens critical focussing, this camera was an ideal choice for tv news, wildlife, and documentary film makers.The larger picture shows the correct hand-held 'shooting' position and also gives an idea of camera size.The Newman Sinclair 'mute' model G 35mm movie camera had a clockwork drive and used a pre-loaded film cassette.The camera was used by newsreel companies during the Second World War (the evacuation of Dunkirk etc) and the Korean War.

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