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When you complete the initial paperwork for the insurance plan, the company is going to require that you undergo the medical exam (unless you choose a no exam policy).The results from the policy are going to have a huge impact on the chances of being approved for coverage and how much you pay for your plan. C diagnosis, the company is going to look at your weight, age, heart rate, cholesterol, blood pressure, and much.(normal, abnormal) • Any other underlying health issues?

“The first phase is a 2-year effort to develop an evidence-based road map, working with local communities and public health agencies, to coordinate and improve screening, prevention, and treatment for hepatitis C, HIV, and other associated diseases,” Smith noted.

The Hepatitis C isn’t the only things that the insurance company is going to be concerned with when you apply for life insurance coverage.

The company is also going to want to know your overall health and what type of shape you are in before they accept your application for insurance coverage.

There are options for you such as no exam life insurance, life insurance for diabetics, or even high risk life insurance. In these cases, STANDARD life insurance rates are achievable.

Obtaining life insurance with Hepatitis C comes down to 2 factors: 1. For those whose Hepatitis C is showing minor symptoms and minor liver damage, you will be considered a substandard risk– but still insurable!

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